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Freight Forwarding Services

Are you looking to export your goods from somewhere in North America? If yes, then you certainly are at the right place. We, at Globitex, offers to you a chance to ship your products from and to all over the world when you are living in North America. Read More

Air Freight Services

The Globitex is offering its Air Freight services in the region of North America to make it possible for you to send and receive your goods without wasting much time in the shipment. Not only that air freights are quite fast as compared to other freight Read More

Ocean Freight Service

We have devoted reasonable resources so that you can conveniently and reliably trade in heavy and large amounts of goods without worrying about the shipments. You can always choose our company for the imports and exports of your Read More

Land Freight Service

Our land freight service helps you transport your goods to the regions connected by roads. We have reasonable resources exerted in the field for the complete assistance of our clients. If you have some products, no matter the size or amount, you can Read More

Multimodal Freight Service

Globitex keeps expanding its resources for the utmost satisfaction of its clients when it comes to the freight forwarding services. We have reasonable resources devoted to multimodal transportation for the only purpose of your freight forwarding. Read More

Chartering Services

From large vehicles to aeroplanes to ships, we can always make sure to provide your charter as you would like it to be. We have the resources to make your charter not only reliable but also timely. This way, when you choose us for chartering services Read More

Air Charter Services

No matter the reasons, if you are in need of an air charter, we can make it happen and also with the reliability you would always prefer. We have quite some connections with some of the best airlines in the world and therefore can offer most reliable and Read More

Ocean Charter Services

Globitex now makes it possible for you to charter water ships for the locomotion of your goods across the globe. We have reserved enough resources to make sure when you need an ocean charter service, you get exceptionally served. From arranging best Read More

Moving Services

Are you in need of a reliable moving service provider? Do you need a large shipping arrangement for your business? You certainly are at the best place you possibly can be. We are providing reliable moving services in the region of Canada and few region Read More

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