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Multimodal Freight Service

Globitex keeps expanding its resources for the utmost satisfaction of its clients when it comes to the freight forwarding services. We have reasonable resources devoted to multimodal transportation for the only purpose of your freight forwarding. Doing so, we become capable of offering all of our clients a multimodal freight service. Using our multimodal freight services, you get to send off your goods to anywhere where it takes more than a single mode of transport to reach. You can now book our air freight, land freight and/or ocean freight under the tag of single service and can save a reasonable expense. Our multimodal freight service is available for you to get benefitted from at most reasonable prices possible. We are currently covering a large region of Canada and a few states of America including Chicago, Miami, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Dial our helpline +1 289.374.6511 or send us an email at for further information regarding our services.

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